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Manwhore To The Stars Episode 1: “Multipass”

Manwhore To The Stars Episode 1: “Multipass” Author: ByD (beewhydee@gmail.com) (please do e-mail me I really appreciate it!) Celebs: Kelly Osbourne, Milla Jovovich Codes: MF, cons, foot fetish If you’re under whatever the applicable age is for your region to … Continue reading

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Restrained Funding

Title: Restrained Funding Author: Alec Draven. Celeb involved: Milla Jovovich. Story codes: MF, nc, anal, mDom, fist, BDSM. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, as in did not happen. (Though we all wish that it had.) I had an … Continue reading

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Their Beauty (Chapter 1)

Story Title Their Beauty (Chapter 1) Author’s Name: Morgan333 Content Codes:MF, rape, anal Celebs: Milla Jovovich Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and should be treated as such. It is fantasy and has no reference whatsoever to events that … Continue reading

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Kinky Roommates

Fic Title:Kinky Roommates Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:atk440@aol.com Pairing:Sarah Michelle Geller/Freddie Prinze Junior/Keri Russell/Christina Applegate/Teri Weigel/Milla Jovovich Rating:NC-17 Summary:Sarah Michelle Gelelr and her husband,Freddie Prinze Junior were on thier way to a secluded log cabin for a private wedding anniversary celebration,only … Continue reading

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Her Usual Evening Bath

Fic Title:Her Usual Evening Bath Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:atk440@aol.com Pairings:Milla Jovovich/f/m Rating:NC-17 Summary:On her birthday,Milla Jovovich takes a bath and wishes for something different to happen to her,which suddenly appears in the form of a brother and sister team of … Continue reading

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Resident Heavel

The following story is purely a work of fiction of a sexual nature. If you’re not of age, it’s illegal to view such material in your community, etc. then stop right now and go away. Archive and distribute freely as … Continue reading

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Lust Blood

LUST BLOOD – Chapter One (ff, reluc, vampire, celeb) by Zahir (zahir@brainlink.com) Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, got it? The movie described herein has not been made, nor have these people worked together (as far as I know) … Continue reading

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