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Title: Interviewing… Suranne Author: Bonercreator69 Celebs: Suranne Jones Codes: mast, feet, fmast, MF, facial

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Suranne Jones Story

Suranne Jones story Author: Edward183 Celebs Involved: Suranne Jones Story Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, drugs Disclaimer: This is not a real story and is my fantasy about Suranne Jones. I couldn’t believe it but my brothers girlfriend was former … Continue reading

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Girl Talk

THIS IS A WORK OF COMPLETE FICTION Tracy Shaw, Suranne Jones & Sally Whittaker (aka Maxine Peacock, Karen McDonald & Sally Webster of Coronation St fame) had arranged to go out for the evening.The limo had collected Tracy & Suranne … Continue reading

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Suranne Jones And Her Horny Wolfhound

Suranne Jones and her horny wolfhound. Suranne was certainly moving up in the world. She had gone from a nobody to starring in Britain’s longest running soap. If that wasn’t enough she had become a major pin-up to men and … Continue reading

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